Clear Blue Waters

Clear blue waters serenely crashing against the shore

Gentle winds evoking soft smiles and cool breezes

Warmth seeping in from all sides and allowing a previously closed door

To open up again and for older feelings to resurface;

Feelings that haven’t been felt in years –

Ones that had been lost and long forgotten;

So much so that anxieties and fears

Whisper that they must surely be rotten –

For why would dark clouds break,

If not for some ominous mistake?

But those fears and anxieties will eventually recede

Once that warm breeze blows in and reminds you that you can still succeed.


Author: BrianaMaddox

As a student studying media studies and anthropology, Briana Maddox enjoys learning about different cultures, traditions, holidays, historical figures, experiences, and opinions. With a vested interest in sharing such learning experiences, Briana created this blog in the hopes of helping other people gain a better understanding and working knowledge of such topics.

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