Introductory Feminism

This poem is meant to bring light to how many women (at least white women) get introduced to the idea of feminism, and it doesn’t include issues such as race, poverty, religion, mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, and marriage – hence the poem’s title of “Introductory Feminism” since this is usually the stepping stone that a number of people take to move on to more serious issues related to feminism and women’s rights.

Everyday it’s something new

With the topic of misogyny

And how the blame never lies with you,

But always ends up with me.

Because of the clothes that I wear

Or the makeup on my face

Or even the way that I wear my hair

Indicates that society gives me a lower place.

Well you should guess

That I’m in charge of what I wear,

Whether it be a dress

Or a pantsuit that looks like typical menswear.

Because my body is mine

And not yours to call “thine”


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