15 Fun Facts About Chicago

Commonly known as The Windy City, Chicago is a bustling and popular metropolitan city in the Mid West. With a several million tourists a year and a fascinating history, The Windy City is always an interesting city to learn about and visit. Don’t know much about the city? Look no further! We’ve gathered 15 awesome fun facts for you, so read on!

  1. Spray paint was invented in Chicago in the late 1940s
  2. America’s first blood bank was opened in the city in the late 1930s
  3. Chicago is home to the world’s longest street – Western Avenue, measuring at 23.5 miles
  4. The Playboy magazine was started in Chicago –¬†and the first-ever Playboy mansion was built in the city was well
  5. The zipper, the vacuum cleaner, and the first Ferris wheel were all invented in Chicago
  6. America’s favorite snack – the Twinkie – was also first made in the Windy City
  7. Walt Disney was born in Chicago
  8. Cell phones and wireless remote controls were also invented in Chicago
  9. The Windy City was home to the first skyscraper, open-heart surgery, first gay rights group, and softball game
  10. Route 66 starts in Chicago
  11. The first political debate aired from the CBS Chicago station in 1960
  12. Each year, the city dyes the Chicago River green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (they use environmentally friendly river dye, too!)
  13. Known for their unique style of pizza, Chicagoans managed to perfect deep dish pizza
  14. Al Capone ran one of the largest crime organizations in America out of Chicago
  15. The famous “Bean” structure in Chicago is actually called Cloud Gate and stands at 33 feet tall – and it’s meant to represent the skyline of the city

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