10 Fun Facts About Cleopatra

She’s one of the most intriguing and famous women in history, and legends of her beauty and intelligence are still told today. Movies and plays depicting her and her life have been made several times over during the last few millennia, and hundreds of books have been written about her. Her reign, life, and reputation are still known two thousand years after her death as a testament to her power over Egypt and her influence in the Roman Empire. Who is she? Well, no other than Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Whether or not you’ve had a chance to learn more about her life and reign, here’s 10 fun facts that can help you in your journey to learn more about the mysterious ruler.

  1. She could speak 7 languages, including Greek & Egyptian
  2. Cleopatra and her family were Macedonian, not Egyptian; they came into power in Egypt after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 323 B.C.
  3. She was involved in the deaths of 3 of her siblings
  4. While legend claims that she took her own life by snake bite and with many believe that she poisoned herself, the details of how exactly that happened rather unclear
  5. Cleopatra had a son with Julius Ceasar, and unfortunately their son was assassinated by Octavian after their deaths in 30 B.C.
  6. She had 3 other children with Marc Antony
  7. Following family and Egyptian traditions, Cleopatra married her younger brother (who she later started a civil war against)
  8. Some historians believe that her intellect was more striking than her beauty, despite what her reputation has been as a seductive temptress for the past several millennia
  9. Cleopatra was in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 B.C.
  10. She was the last Pharaoh of Egypt before the Roman Empire gained control of Egypt

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  1. Facts I never knew about her! Just yesterday I was watching the Netflix series Empire Games and she was mentioned briefly. Nice to learn more about. Never knew she got with Julius Ceasar.

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