9 Fun Facts About Cairo, Egypt

Egypt’s bustling capital and site of Arab Springs protests several years ago, Cairo is a home to a rich history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Home to the Great Pyramids and located near the edge of the Nile Delta, Cairo is in a central location for visiting a number of Ancient Egyptian sites and is a central part of the Arab World. Don’t know much about the city? Well, no worries- you’ve come to the right place! Here are 9 fun facts about Cairo:

    1. Cairo is the 2nd largest city in Africa
    2. Cairo is the largest city in the Middle East and the Arab world
    3. The Great Pyramids and the world-famous Sphinx are located near and visible from the city, and tours inside the Pyramids are offered on a daily basis (however, pictures aren’t allowed, and people aren’t allowed to climb the pyramids anymore)
    4. The Great Pyramids were build in 2560 B.C.
    5. Cairo has existed for roughly 3,000 years, and is considered a relatively young capital city by Egyptian standards
    6. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities – commonly known as the Egyptian Museum or the Museum of Cairo – holds at least 120,000 Ancient Egyptian artifacts, including some from the tomb of King Tutankhamun
    7. The Egyptian Museum also holds the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic artifacts
    8. The Great Pyramids aren’t the only pyramids worth seeing near Cairo – Saqqara is located near southern Cairo and is home to the Step Pyramid, Egypt’s oldest pyramid
    9. Cairo became the capital of Egypt in 972 A.D.

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